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Here is what professional layout builder Scott Anderson had to say about our turntables:

" The finest O scale turntables you will find!  We have two on the DWP and are very pleased with the look and performance."

Satisfied Millhouse Customers !

  We have customers in USA,  Hawaii, Canada, England , Germany, Austria, Norway & Australia 

Note: We Do Not Sell our detail brass castings or Bogies as separate sale items except for our pipe railing stanchions

Also available are available in custom sizes of 26" , 30" & 32" . See note on ordering page to order.

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last updated 2/11/2016


Now Offering Track Screws




**New Union Pacific & Southern Pacific turntable arch now available**

 (See our sample brass arch and Laser cut cab below )





Auto Indexing for Turntables & Transfer Tables Now Available & TMCC compatible

Our indexing system allows you to place your surrounding whisker tracks to the turntable wherever you need to. This is unlike other systems where you have to make your layout tracks lineup with predetermined degree spacing of tracks (ie. 7.5, 10 or 15 degrees) With our system we use a quadrature encoder which lets our system know the exact position within the 360 degrees of the pit. On our largest turntable (34") this within 1/64 of an inch. On our smaller tables this accuracy is even greater. Within the 360 degrees there are 8,191 encoder positions to align to. This is relevant when setting up your track positions.

With this precise system we are able to build speed steps in the operation of our table to give a more realistic operation. The bridge, speed when starting out, will begin movement as a creep speed, move onto slow speed, continue onto medium and then a fast. Depending on the distance needed to travel to the track selected, the bridge will speed up in predetermined increments. The longer the distance it travels the faster it will eventually get before it reaches its destination track. During its journey to its next track, it will speed up until it hits the halfway point of its predetermined path at which point it will begin to slow down.  All operations and programming of tracks is done through the keypad.

Photo below shows our indexing system upgrade kit . System can be powered by your existing 12VDC transformer or an optional 12VDC power adapter. We now offer a stainless steel keypad faceplate that allows easy mounting of our keypad to your layout fascia or control panel.  You can also use it to mount the keypad into a gray plastic double electrical gang box, like found at Home Depot or Lowes

Our auto indexing now works with Lionel TMCC so that you can run our indexer with either the Cab 1 or Cab 2 remote and in the future the

(Call for details on how to connect to TMCC)


A couple of videos from Eric's Trains video train blog of replacing an Atlas turntable and installing and operating our turntable

This 24" turntable also has our auto indexing system.

Episodes 44 & 45




 Add the next step in layout realism. LTAC system allows users to easily control room lighting using X-10 modules if you use X-10 light switches or dimmers.

LTAC also controls layout lighting, sounds and animation, all driven by the time of day on your layout, using our master layout time control module and remote modules . 

This system allows the operator to control up hundreds of different time driven events and up to 16 different devices triggered per remote module.

This is all controlled by the master time control unit. This system will be affordable to implement even on large layouts!

Video demo coming soon!

Transfer table

Bridge length is 28"

(Bridge will accommodate all scale diesel engines & scale passenger cars like prototypes were used)

These have aluminum construction & brass pipe railing stanchions , prototypical correct pit depth & bridge deck with multiple rails in pit bottom, Laser cut deck & cab

Same smooth drive as our turntables for reliable operation  

Photograph of real Transfer table we used for reference for our model

Photograph of Production unit below

  Transfer table can allow for 5 - 7 tracks on each side of table depending on track spacing

Can be operated manually (line up by eye) or with our auto indexing system for the most realistic operation, simulating the drum controller speed steps like the prototype.

The mounting tabs are 1.5" down from top of pit wall to top of tab to allow for different thickness of layout top materials.

 Dimensions 24 7/16"(W) x 28 3/4"(L) x 6"(D)


Photo of Laser cut cab & deck details

See demo video of it and our transfer table in action below. This also has our index system installed.


A great companion to our transfer table is the Altoona Model Works car shop seen below

O scale Turntables available in 24, 26,28,30,32 & 34  ( 2 or 3 rail )

with Industrial Belt Drive train for Smooth Operation!

**Our mounting tabs are set 1.5" down from top of pit wall, allowing for up to 3/4" of plywood and up to 3/4" of soundboard or foam on top of that.

If less is needed you can just shim the difference or use a double nut method when mounting to layout. All turntable sizes only need a 1/2" larger hole than bridge size.

Example a 34" turntable only needs a 34.5" hole in the layout.**

**We also offer our turntables in S scale Contact us if you need one of these.

We also offer the following additional custom size turntables - 26", 30" & 32" see ordering instructions on our ordering page **

Take a Look at what goes into our Turntables


Our 34" Turntable will handle the Biggest of your locomotives.......

Scale Big Boy's, Allegany's , AB or AA Diesel units & even a Scale Pennsy S1 ( weighing 30 lbs) seen below!


 Left photo shows our turntable with included detail parts installed.      Photo on right shows how the turntable ships. Deck is stained, pit painted & track installed & wired.


Photo below shows turntables lower support, cog gear, motor & integrated motor mount

Below are a few photos of our water-jetted aluminum bogies with brass details

Our Standard Electrical Arch - Lost wax brass casting

Brass Pipe Railing Stanchions -  (now come on our standard turntable models)                                     


Standard control cab is pewter


Left photo of 3 Rail Track & Deck         Right photo of 2 Rail Track & Deck


Shown below are available options for your turntable.

 Optional Weathering of Turntable pit & bridge deck - $100.00

Photo below shows the different finishes that can be done to our turntables .

Weathering of pit & Bridge Decking ( Give your turntable the in service look, with custom weathering)


Optional choice of  Laser cut cab with LED light for additional  $35.00

For our Pennsylvania RR modelers.

( Never done in O scale before ! )

 PRR deck, control cab, Lost Wax brass hairpin stanchions & Electric Arch castings. 

Below is a 2 Rail version that customer customized by adding center decking to bridge ( we offer these deck pieces as a additional item) and installed their own 2R pit rail in pit and did their own weathering to pit

Upgrade your turntable order to the PRR option for $100 more.


Counter weights are cast in different size segments, so modeler can add to model as desired

The following power supply we recommend for use with our turntable for manual control, if you don't already have a 12VDC variable power supply.

Railpower 1300 DC Transformer made by MRC


Here are a few professional layout builders who use our products


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Customer post on OGR (10/3/2011) about making his turntable into an access hatch ( Click Here )


We stand behind all our products and are here to serve our customers

Look for the New Roundhouse that goes great with our turntables!



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Clipart courtesy FCIT